3 Ways Business Networking Puts Business In The Plumber’s Pipeline

Plumbers are a hot commodity any day of the year. They can be called upon to rescue a homeowner from a mess nearly anywhere in the house. They may prevent water damage and flooding by repairing or maintaining water lines and pipes.

While word of mouth marketing is an excellent way to get more clients, consider expanding to include business clients. Mark your calendars for the next Rotary Club, City Business Breakfast, Chamber of Commerce, or even Toastmasters International meeting. Put on some clean clothes and have plenty of business cards ready.

As it turns out, you will expand your network of acquaintances exponentially just by introducing yourself to new people. Meeting other business owners puts your plumbing business in line for better quality business in a sense.

While all of the people at these events live in homes and might call for personal plumbing issues, there’s more opportunity to it than that. Many of them maintain separate office space, warehouses, retail shops, and they all have their plumbing.

Sure, they may have landlords and not own the property. In the land of commercial property, often the very business that is renting the space is charged with supplying their plumbing services, water heater, furnace, and air conditioning.

In other words, there are plenty of great opportunities. They will trust you more because you will be putting your neck out on the line by showing up at the meetings. It also allows them to make a judgment on you in person, which will give them more trust in you.

As it turns out, 93% of communication is body language, such as eye contact, body stance, and other efforts to communicate. Only 7% has to do with the words we speak. Meeting people in person overcomes the “trust gap” effectively putting your plumbing business leagues ahead of the competition.

Website And Offers

While you will be interacting with other business owners and representatives at the business networking functions, there is another piece to the puzzle that is immensely important. It is your back up, followup marketing and direct advertising efforts.

Now you do not want to bombard people with marketing emails just because they gave you their card. Instead, you want to ensure that you have a card that invites them to your site. Entice them with a free consultation, and a percent off for business associates.

Print it on the back of the card. Make the call to action for them to visit your website. When they enter your website, they are prompted to visit you on Facebook, to check out your YouTube videos, and to sign up for your newsletter via their email address.

That will all work well if you have a mobile or desktop friendly website that is well designed. Make sure it is clean and functions quickly. Load times matter.

Fielding Calls

It can take time for people to reach out to you. It might feel as if you were invisible at the networking events a few months later. Patience pays off. Keep the website up and reach out to acknowledge the people you met via email the day or two after the networking event.

In The Meantime

Keep posting videos on YouTube about maintaining plumbing, getting consultations, and how to handle simple problems on their own. It will make you seem like you are out to help avoid excess calls to you over simple problems.

If you charge $150 for that leaking toilet, while it is your rate, and it does take you that much time, you will look like the jerk. Even though you are providing the service. So, prevent that by giving people the option to learn about their plumbing and how to provide some maintenance on their own.

Make the videos entertaining, and hire a professional video producer, camera person, and audio to make the video shine. A video editor is also important. You need to look good. For tips on what people want to know, keep an eye out for what terms people have been searching on Google.

Rapport And Patience

Always demonstrate good manners. Then, a few months down the road, the phone will start ringing. People will start contacting you when their plumbing goes haywire. They trust you and know that they can call on you because they trust you to help their business.

Yes, it can take the time to grow your business even more. Though, appealing to businesses is a sure way to build trustworthy clients that understand the give and take of business. They know what it is to work for themselves to get paid. They may respect you more than the general public and have more complex plumbing problems because of the size of their properties. It is a great way to build a business.